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Secrets to a Happy Relationship 

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We’ll explore how the duo navigates their own challenges to strengthen bonds in their marriage to nurture a love that thrives on self-awareness, practice, and patience.


Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, an international organization dedicated to the personal and professional growth of men. He is an entrepreneur, writer, keynote speaker, and facilitator dedicated to building better men. Connor has spoken to large corporate brands, nonprofits, schools, and international organizations such as the United Nations, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, TED, and Entrepreneurs’ Organization. 




Men’s Work: A Practical Guide to Face Your Darkness, End Self-Sabotage, and Find Freedom is the total guide for men with actionable exercises and the self-inquiry you need to achieve healthy love, joy-filled life, fulfilling connections and deep purpose. 

“This book is not about telling you how you should live as a man or about defining masculinity for you; however, it will help you refine and define your own versions of this as a result of doing the work.” — Connor Beaton

Vienna Pharaon is a licensed marriage and family therapist and one of New York City’s most sought-after relationship therapists. She has practiced therapy for more than fifteen years and is the founder of the group practice Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy. She received her master of science in marriage and family therapy from Northwestern University and trained extensively at The Family Institute, Bette D. Harris Family & Child Clinic. Pharaon has been featured in The Economist, Vice, and Motherly, and has led workshops for Peloton and Netflix, among others. She is the creator of @mindfulMFT on Instagram, where she’s helping over 600K people around the world heal their wounds.


Origins of You: How Breaking Family Patterns Can Liberate the Way We Live and Love is the bestselling book by Vienna Pharaon, helping to change unwanted patterns in our life by changing our relationship to our past wounds. 

Your past doesn’t have to define your future, but it can if you don’t resolve the pain from your past.

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