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DECEMBER 13, 2022  8PM ET | 5PM PT

What would change if you saw yourself—and others, through a Loving gaze? Everything. Everything would change.

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How Book Club Works

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Purchase your book collection so you can read along, journal, and have questions ready for Danielle’s exclusive member Q&A event on December 13th. Consider purchasing the How to be Loving Journal to accompany your journey, and the How to be Loving Card Deck for quick inspiration throughout your busy day.

Read along in Four Sections and watch for new videos from Danielle in your Sunday Sounds True One e-News each week. Here is what you will learn each week:

Week 1: BEGINS November 20, READ PART 1

All Heart

The Wound to Healing Sequence + Self Acceptance

Week 2: BEGINS November 27, READ PART 2

Thoughts + Feelings

Unconditioning your mind and engaging heart intelligence

Week 3: BEGINS December 3, READ PART 3


The process of getting into alignment with your Soul


Reflective Living

Receptivity as true power + Unity Consciousness

The How to Be Loving Collection

The How To Be Loving Book

is available in hardcover + digital + audiobook

A nuanced perspective on the power of self compassion, shadow work, and being more receptive to Higher Guidance. This is a guide on how to use the genius of your heart to create conditions for healing—yourself, and the collective. Designed with reflective practices + inspirational mini posters.

The How to Be Loving Journal

clear your mind and connect with the Divine…

A deep journaling tool for becoming less reactive, more responsive and open to love. This journal is a resilience tool. Sprinkled with reflection prompts, tear out mini-posters + micro teachings guiding you to the portal of your inner knowing.

The How to Be Loving Deck

inspiration for kindness, resilience and all kinds of idealism

70 cards of deep teachings and some poignant one-liners: “Embrace your contradictions.” “Use your mind for holy purposes.” “Ask your heart what it wants to tell your mind.” Use as conversation starters, journaling prompts or for tucking into love notes.

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How to Be Loving

When you turn to the heart, you uncondition your mind of all kinds of social programming.

The intelligence of Love dissolves eons of dogma that tells us to prove our “worth” and sort who’s superior or inferior.

Spirituality is really the practice of thinking with Love. And we can effectively train ourselves to keep returning to Love via our thoughts over and over again. 

Being Loving doesn’t necessarily mean feeling more. It means feeling everything with more Love. 

It’s the ultimate inclusiveness. Because in your heart, it’s ALL IN—your light and your shadows—and everyone else’s. This is the non-dual place where complete Self acceptance has room to grow.  

This call for gentleness is counterculture. And it’s what we’re yearning for. We do not need to focus on “fixing” ourselves. As we focus on living from our heart center, anything that’s not in alignment with that Light falls away. 

How To Be Loving is a nuanced perspective on the life changing power of Self Compassion, shadow work, and being more receptive to Higher Guidance. This is a guide on how to use the genius of your heart to create conditions for healing.

Sounds True One Book Club

Welcome to one of many ways to interact with and learn from a wide range of best-selling authors and wisdom teachers, engage in live sessions with their content, and connect with a loving community of students just like you.

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Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.” The former director of a future studies think tank in Washington, DC, where she managed a team creating global scenarios. She now speaks about the intelligence of the heart.

Her most recent book, How To Be Loving… when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up, is also an audiobook + ebook, with a companion deck and journal. Danielle is also the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map, White Hot Truth, and producer of dozens of meditation kits and online programs for spiritual support.

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