Sah D’ Simone, bestselling author + creator of the SAH Method Spiritual Workout

October 24 at 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

Learn science-earn science-backed, tried-and-true techniques in which joy and authenticity illuminate the path to enlightenment


Join Us for Episode 1 of a 5-Part Live Series

Episode 1 dives in to the topic of FORGIVENESS.

Want to measure your growth and spiritual maturity? The ability to forgive others (and yourself) is the ultimate test. We’ll begin with a Somatic Activated Healing (SAH) Method experience—a revolutionary combination of movement, breath, meditation, and affirmations—followed by a dharma talk on “Forgiveness” through the lens of Sah’s Buddhist lineage and experience. Learn the true meaning of forgiveness and get tools to bring forgiveness to your every day.


A deep dive into Sah’s heart-based healing movement “Spiritually Sassy.” Each episode starts with a 5-minute somatic practice. The topic will be based on different parts of Sah’s book: Spiritually Sassy: 8 Radical Steps to Activate Your Innate Superpowers.

If you love the first episode, you’ll also have the opportunity to sign up to see the full series, including:

Tap in and lead with love by learning to listen to subtle cues from the heart.

Learn to understand the quality of the internal landscape of your mind, and redesign your relationship with your thoughts.

Step outside your comfort zone and explore the growth zone. Realize your highest potential and live in alignment with your personal dharma.

Come learn how eight specific mind patterns and tendencies can help you break unwholesome cycles in your life and unlock your inner amazingness.

About Sah D'Simone

Sah D’Simone is a spiritual revolutionary, yogi, mystic, artist, international transformational speaker, bestselling author, and creator of The SAH Method spiritual workout. He is pioneering a Spiritually Sassy, heart-based healing movement rooted in science-backed, tried-and-true techniques, in which joy and authenticity illuminate the path to enlightenment. 

His infectious enthusiasm for healing is grounded in a masterful and revolutionary synthesis of ancient Buddhism, modern contemplative psychotherapy, meditation, breathwork, and integrative nutrition—all delivered in his own radiant, approachable, and playful style. His teachings have helped enrich the lives of millions of people and inspire a new generation of change-makers. Deepak Chopra called Sah a “radical spiritual guide.”

Sah has worked with Kanye West, Cardi B, Google, MoMa, Unicef, and American Express, among others, and is a TEDx speaker. His first book, 5-Minute Daily Meditations, has been translated into Spanish and was called “a yearlong personal retreat of daily meditations” by Sharon Salzberg; and his 2023 Page-a-Day Calendar, 5-Minute Daily Meditations will be released later this year. His second book, Spiritually Sassy: 8 Radical Steps to Activate Your Innate Superpowers, is out now and has been translated in German; and his top-rated podcast, The Spiritually Sassy Show, is a top 100 podcast in the United States in Spirituality. Sah’s message has been featured on The Doctors, Forbes, Vice, Refinery29, USA Today, Adweek, BuzzFeed, and more.

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