Embark on a spiritual journey with the most transformational shows, documentaries, daily live classes and special online events in ONE place.

Join a global community of people connecting and growing together, guided by 30+ of the world’s foremost spiritual teachers, wisdom leaders and luminaries of our time.

We welcome you to be among the founding members of Sounds True One and experience a world of spiritual transformation before anyone else.

Immersive Meditations from Mindfulness Leaders

"The most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves."

- Pema Chodron

Daily Live Classes Taught by:

Live Experiences Start Soon

Join us for the Sounds True One Live Launch Event on Sunday, october 3

Other Upcoming Live Events

*All events are recorded for members to watch on the Sounds True One app!

Sunday, October 3

A Special Insights at the Edge with Michael Singer

Monday, June 13

Maria Shriver and XXX

Wednesday, June 15

Danielle Laporte and Tami Simin discuss forgiveness and boundaries


What else makes The Community so special?

Small Group Q&A Sessions

Participate in intimate discussions with leaders in spirituality and mindfulness.

Spiritual Buddies

Find a kindred spirit to support each other and encourage accountability on your spiritual journey.

Monthly Happy Hours
and Special Events:

Join other members of the Community in a relaxed, positive and social setting.

Book Club with Sounds True Authors:

Take your spiritual reading to a new level with live, interactive book clubs that could include Q&A with the author.

Sounds True One Circles:

Connect in small group events with like-minded people in the Community to build friendships with others from across the globe.

Meet Bodie, your spiritual guide

Every spiritual journey needs a spiritual guide. And at Sounds True One that guide is Bodie. A virtual guide based on human inputs, your connection with Bodie will evolve and grow the more you interact. Ask questions, seek recommendations or just have a friendly conversation—Bodie will be your guide, supporter and friend at every step.

A Special Thank You Offer

So many amazing individuals have been part of our Sounds True community for years.

We want to extend a very special offer to be a Founding Member of Sounds True One:



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Here's Everything You'll Receive in the Program:

Your Sounds True One membership includes:

Premium Shows & Documentaries:

Journey into the most prominent topics of spirituality and mindfulness with captivating original programming.

Exclusive Sessions:

Join member-only sessions with the leading transformational teachers, spiritual leaders and experts.

Daily Live Classes:

Start your day with positivity, intention and a range of classes including yoga, meditation, qigong, morning routine and inspiration and more.

Live Evening Sessions:

Rest, relax and find your center with yoga nidra, lucid dreaming, energy healing and more ways to unwind and end your day.

Featured Specials:

Enjoy exclusive weekly and monthly specials exploring a range of transformational topics.

Member Discounts:

Save an additional 20% on over 3,000 Sounds True online courses, audio products and books.

Member-only App:

Access hundreds of on-the-go audio programs and meditations designed to guide and support your inner growth.

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