A Transformative Mid-Year Retreat on Sounds True One

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

with Snatam Kaur, Mark Nepo, and Tami Simon

Join us for a transformative half-day retreat guided by renowned spiritual teachers: Snatam Kaur, Mark Nepo, and Tami Simon. Together, we will delve into practices designed to awaken and nurture your inner wisdom, offering you tools to navigate the rest of the year with clarity and purpose.

Saturdays in June
at 11 am ET  | 8 am PT 


Saturday, August 24

12 pm ET  | 9 am PT


9:00 AM

Opening + Meditation with Tami Simon

Tami Simon will set the stage with a thoughtful exploration of “Activating Inner Wisdom” followed by a guided meditation to align our intentions for the retreat.

9:30 AM

Kundalini Practice with Snatam Kaur

Experience the profound teachings of Kundalini yoga with Snatam Kaur. Through exercises, insights, and chanting, she will lead us in practices to awaken our energy centers and deepen our spiritual connection.

10:30 AM


10:45 AM

Writing to Awaken with Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo will guide us in a “Writing to Awaken” session, where we will explore self-reflection and inquiry through writing. This practice encourages profound introspection and personal growth.

11:45 AM

Closing + Integration with Tami Simon

Tami Simon will lead the group in a closing session to integrate the experiences of the morning, offering insights and reflections to carry forward into our lives.