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A Word of Thanks

First, we would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for loyal customers like you.

You’ve made the last 37 years of building Sounds True incredibly fulfilling and together we’ve created something truly incredible. A place where the leading wisdom teachers share their gifts with the world through books, courses, special events, audio programs, and more. 

For a long time, we’ve envisioned creating something one-of-a-kind in the world that would provide additional learnings, new programs, and community, to support the needs our customers shared with us. 

A place with the world’s leading spiritual teachers, best-selling authors, and entirely new content including docuseries, live sessions, monthly specials and live Q+A’s. 

Introducing… Sounds True One, our membership community + digital platform built just for you, to serve you on your spiritual and personal growth journey. 

Sounds True One makes it easy to interact with a wide range of wisdom teachers and engage in daily spiritual practices, all in the context of a loving community.  

This is a single place for you to go and find whatever wisdom teachings you might need in the moment, including morning meditations to start the day together, evening sessions centered on rest and relaxation, and weekend specials that take you deeper into your own inward journey and path of service. 

Also, each Sunday, Tami will be going live with new episodes of the podcast Insights at the Edge, now in video format and including “after the show” Q&A sessions.

Benefits of Sounds True One Membership Include:

Exclusive Sessions and Programs

Join member-only sessions and Q&As with best-selling authors, spiritual teachers, and the Sounds True One community.

Premium Shows & Docuseries

Explore new depths of the spiritual journey and further your own personal growth with captivating original programming only available on Sounds True One.

Live Classes

Start your day with a sense of possibility, intention, and inspiration. Choose from a range of classes including yoga, meditation, qigong, a special morning routine, and more.

Live Evening Sessions

Rest, relax and release with yoga nidra, lucid dreaming, energy healing, and other practices that are ideal after a long day.

Sounds True One Member-only App

Access your spiritual and personal growth library with hundreds of teachings, audio programs, and meditations; on the go, at home, at night lying in bed, or even on the drive to work.


Immerse yourself in a growing, thriving, online community of people connecting, engaging, and learning together. Book clubs, community challenges, daily reflections, and more.

Sounds True One Member Discounts

Save an additional 20% on over 2,000 Sounds True online courses, audio products, and books.

Is Sounds True One Membership Right for You? 

This opportunity to be a founding member is a chance to join us from the very beginning and help us enhance the offering even further to serve you. 

We’ve designed Sounds True One to be the ideal companion for your spiritual and personal growth journey. It also gives you access to a spiritual library of world-class teachings, live classes, and special events…right at your fingertips. 

Launch week is coming soon in October, but you can join today and save 50% off today and every time your membership renews for the lifetime of your membership. 

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