Shamanic Practice

Partnering with Compassionate Spirits

With Shamanic Practitioner & Facilitator Julie Kramer

Discover the benevolent helping spirits who want to work with you. In this 60-minute transformation lab, Julie introduces you to the practice of entering a natural trance state to connect with a compassionate guide who is devoted to your wellbeing and evolution. 

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Julie was introduced to core shamanism in 2000, which enabled her to begin cultivating direct relationships with compassionate helping spirits using the practice of shamanic journeying. While continuing to receive training as a shamanic practitioner and facilitator, Julie began leading workshops in 2003 in order to teach others how to use natural trance states to journey into the invisible dimensions of reality and partner with benevolent helping spirits.

Beginning in 2011, Julie expanded her offerings to include long-term trainings with the creation of “The Sacred Call of the Healer,” a yearlong immersion for healers across disciplines to increase their efficacy by engaging the power of the unseen world. In 2012, Julie developed “The Art and Practice of Shamanic Healing: A Three-Year Professional Training and Initiation,” a comprehensive training for cultivating the broad skillset, proficiency, and stability needed to provide professional shamanic healing to clients.  

To date, Julie is honored to have facilitated over 60 stand-alone workshops; three cohorts of the “Sacred Call of the Healer;” and to have trained nearly 100 shamanic practitioners by way of three cohorts of “The Art and Practice of Shamanic Healing: A Three-Year Professional Training and Initiation.” 

Julie is passionate about training committed practitioners as a way to contribute to shamanic healing being restored to its rightful place alongside Western and Eastern Medicine, Energy Medicine, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, and hands-on healing. What distinguishes Julie’s orientation is her emphasis on spiritual healing as a catalyst for personal and collective evolution. Correspondingly, Julie’s transformative circles are appreciated for their safety, depth, potency, instructiveness. 

Julie and her wife, Tami Simon, along with their two Spoodles, Raspberry and Bula, divide their time between Vancouver and Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Julie’s upcoming offerings include both in-person and online workshops. An opportunity to embark on a year-long initiation into becoming a Spiritual Healer will begin in September, 2024.

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