Meeting the Psychedelic Moment:

A Discussion on the Promise and Pitfalls of Non-Ordinary States

Tami Simon in conversation with Sean Lawlor, and Rosalind Watts, PhD

Whether you’re psychedelic curious or a seasoned practitioner, we all have questions around the intentional and therapeutic use of powerful plant medicines. Hopefully, this conversation provides some well-deserved answers.

We are in a Psychedelic Renaissance. There’s no denying the growing interest in—and scientific validation for—the therapeutic use of psychedelics and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

But how do you effectively, intentionally, and appropriately prepare for and navigate these experiences for the greatest positive and sustained impact?

We invite you to join more than a dozen leading experts in the field plus an entire online community of fellow seekers in an immersive exploration of the latest teachings, techniques, tools, and practices.

It’s time to dive deeper into the pathways and true potential of the wisdom of psychedelics.

Your Host

Sean Lawlor, LPCC

Sean Lawlor, LPCC, is the author of Psychedelic Revival: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing, coming soon from Sounds True. He is a regular contributor to leading sites on the topic of psychedelics. Sean has a master of arts in clinical mental health counseling from Naropa University, and he has been trained in ketamine-assisted therapy, MDMA-assisted therapy, and Internal Family Systems. He currently facilitates ketamine therapy at a clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A Word from Sean

Dear friends,

I am so excited and humbled to share this course with you.

For years, I’ve studied and written about the life-changing potential of psychedelic therapies and non-ordinary states. And now I have the opportunity to bring together more than a dozen leading figures in the field to discuss—live, with you—how each of us can connect to our inner healing power through these transformational experiences. It’s a dream come true.

Together, we’re going to explore the sacredness of these spaces, tools to keep us both safe and open to transformation, common challenges people stumble upon, and how to integrate what we learn to create positive change that lasts. Along the way, we’ll have renowned experts guiding us through teachings on trauma and the shadow, microdosing, depth psychology, ancestral wisdom… and so much more.

Most of all, we’ll learn how to connect all of this with our capacity for inner healing. And this is what truly excites me—offering a path for you to activate your own transformational potential in a way that maybe you never have before.

Whether you’re new to these ideas or well versed, I invite you to join me on this journey. And I hope that this immersive experience we’ve created can help in your continued pursuit of understanding, transformation, and growth.


Sean Lawlor Host of The Psychedelic Wisdom Intensive and author of Psychedelic Revival

A Word from Sean

3 Phases. 3 Months.

Our 3-month course teaches you 3 critical phases of exploring non-ordinary states:

  • 1 Preparation

    Often overlooked, preparation is how you make an intentional sacred space and orient yourself for the greatest meaning, value, and safety
  • 2 Navigation

    How to remain centered, balanced, and resourced through experiences that can feel destabilizing and overwhelming
  • 3 Integration

    Again essential and sometimes skipped, integration is key to real change and ongoing growth and transformation

Five Areas We’ll Explore Together

The state of psychedelic therapy

We’re bringing together over a dozen leading figures in the field to help you understand the current state of non-ordinary states, psychedelic therapy, and the transformational potential of both.

How to create a safe and sacred space

Experts in mindfulness, therapy, psychedelics, and trauma will provide you with insights and methods to help you prepare for non-ordinary states with intention and care.

Connecting to your inner healer

Some assume that the experience itself is an act of healing, but really it’s connecting to the transformational power within you that opens the possibility of true—and lasting—change.

Wisdom to help you navigate

Non-ordinary states can confront you with both incredible insights and deep challenges, and it’s vital to have the right knowledge, practices, and intentions in order to successfully navigate and glean meaning from these experiences.

Tools to help you integrate

Lasting change comes from what happens after—integration. Our teachers will provide you with practical, real-world tools to help you apply what you learn to your everyday life.

Is This Course for You?

You might be curious about psychedelics, or maybe you’re an experienced practitioner looking to learn more. Maybe you’re intrigued by other methods for achieving non-ordinary states, or you’re simply seeking alternative avenues for growth and transformation.

Above all you are open and eager to learn, with an explorer’s mind, a seeker’s heart, and a real desire to heal. This course is about bringing your innate healing wisdom to the surface. This is for your personal transformation.

If this is what you’re looking for, then we invite you to join us.

When You Enroll, You’ll Receive:

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    12 Live Weekly Sessions

    Sean and our expert presenters will lead live sessions throughout the course for maximum clarity and engagement
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    Special Opening and Closing Events

    Start and end your learning journey by joining other seekers in these interactive social events
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    On-Demand Access

    All live sessions will be recorded and available for watching and rewatching to meet your schedule and personal learning needs
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    Deep Dives, Q&As, and Community Events

    Join Sean and other students for open-format deep dives, Q&A sessions, and community events that provide a more personal connection
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    Contemplative Practices and Writing Exercises

    Embody and explore what you learn with introspective prompts and practices designed to help you go deeper

Plus Two Special Bonuses:

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    FREE Online Workshop—Trauma-Informed Breathwork and Somatic-Based Practices to Nurture the Nervous System

    Guest teachers Molly Boeder Harris and Zabie Yamasaki will teach you how to identify and breathe with and through states of overwhelm, shutdown, or resistance, using trauma-informed breathwork practices, including vagus nerve stimulation and somatic exercises. (Prerecorded)

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    Sounds True One is a world of spiritual exploration, community, and daily practices—all at your fingertips. Join leading spiritual teachers, wisdom leaders, and luminaries of our time for transformational shows, docuseries, live classes, group circles, and more.*

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